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Tamsin inspires her audience with her story of courage, determination and resilience. She shares powerful techniques, strategies and tools that will empower your female talent to unleash more of their potential.

Are the amazing women in your organisation getting seen, getting heard?

Do they have the confidence, courage and gravitas to speak up in those crucial conversations?

Are they contributing their talent and communicating to influence and inspire others with ideas that could make the difference?

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“The ‘Power of you’ with Tamsin Napier-Munn came to a close today and what a last session it was. I got so much from the course, the stand out thing I reflected on was courage and that there is no time or room in life for excuses. Thank you Tamsin Napier-Munn, you really are an inspiration.”

Lily Marston, Manager, Microsoft


“Amazing talk from Tamsin Napier-Munn today as part of #womenatsky - feeling ready to tackle my own insecurities and get out of my comfort zone!”

Katie Heppell,
Customer experience leader, Sky


“A great group of ideas, tools and quotes to reach you when you need it most. It provides the inspiration to take action.”

Selina Tishler, Microsoft


“I was keen to master the skills to influence people, and it 100% worked for me - How? - I used my new method and feedback from Tamsin to present face to face - I did it... I won a new client whilst I was on the course. My new calm voice allowed me to follow my dreams, and most importantly have no fear!”

Heidi Snelgrove, Creative Producer
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“Tamsin is an amazing teacher and inspirational leader. One course with Tamsin pushed me way outside my comfort zone, and taught me principles that allowed me to go on to achieve more that I ever thought possible. Tamsin remains a coach and source of advice and guidance, when I hit sticking points in my personal and professional life. Truly a game changer for both my career and me. Thank you Tamsin.”

Garry Burrows, Managing Director of Malls & Meeting Places, FitForCommerce


“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Tamsin on a number of our staff development projects. Initially, Tamsin acted as a facilitator and workshop lead at a high-profile event involving 40 of our managers from across different Medical Research Council institutes. Subsequently we have chosen to involve her in  workshop-style training sessions in leadership and communication skills for both our senior managers and technical staff. Tamsin approaches every event with enthusiasm and goes to great lengths to ensure that she fully understands the context and objectives in advance. She draws on a very impressive range of experience in professional communication and facilitation which enables her to approach challenging situations with tact and authority.

Tamsin has a positive, strong presence and the ability to make everybody feel valued and heard. On a personal level, I  thoroughly enjoy working with Tamsin, and continue to benefit from the advice and support she has given me.”

Tertius Hough, Director of Laboratory Support Services, PSI

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