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Are your female talent smashing their potential?

“Ok, I’m going to dive in and give it to you straight! We as women can and should be succeeding more in spite of ourselves.”

Helena Morrissey

At a time when organisations need more confident, inspiring leadership, more innovation, more connection and more compassion than ever before.

Are the amazing women in your organisation getting seen, getting heard? Do they have the confidence, courage and gravitas to speak up in those crucial conversations.

Are they contributing their talent and communicating to influence and inspire others with ideas that could make the difference?

Perhaps you are a woman in business yourself and want to raise your profile and become more influential and inspiring as a leader.

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Sponsor your female talent to join a cohort of other amazing women from other organisations.

The benefits can be huge; often people gain new insights and perspectives from those outside their internal peer group, learn to deal with different corporate cultures, strengthen relationships and develop greater confidence in their ability to communicate.

Or bring it in-house bespoke to you
Core Programmes
Smiling Businesswoman
The Power of You

The catalyst for change – to develop REAL confidence, REAL influence and impact REAL change

The Women in Business Leadership Programme

In partnership with Dale Carnegie Training

Exclusive Corporate Programmes

Some of the programmes to empower women in organisations

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Some of the uplifting, inspiring, engaging and compelling webinars, talks and workshops for women of influence

“Power of you’ course with Tamsin Napier-Munn came to a close today and what a last session it was. I got so much from the course, the stand out thing I reflected on was courage and that there is no time or room in life for excuses.


Thank you Tamsin Napier-Munn, you really are an inspiration.”

Manager, Microsoft

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RAWtalks (Real Authentic Women) academy was established in 2019 by Tamsin Napier-Munn to empower women to get seen, get heard, get ahead. Our programmes challenge, develop and inspire aspirational women in business, leaders in organisations, entrepreneurs, and career returners, to find their passion and purpose.


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