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Power of You

Self-mastery 12-Week
Live-online Programme

Starts 16th October

The ‘Power of You’ is a powerful, engaging and compelling series of masterclasses for aspirational leaders, business women, entrepreneurs, and career returners seeking to break through self-imposed limitations and barriers to advancement.
Tamsin Napier-Munn, Founder RAWtalks academy

What you can expect

  • A true understanding of what you have going for you and how to communicate your value.

  • Gain clarity on your purpose.

  • To find your voice and have greater presence and gravitas in how you communicate.

  • Ability to lead and persuade others to take your ideas and decisions on board.

  • Increased visibility and influence inside
    and outside the workplace.

  • Greater courage to seize opportunities.

  • Breaking the worry habit before it breaks you.

  • To develop a strong bias towards action.

What we cover

  • Learn 5 key steps of self-discovery to become your own inspiration and inspire others.

  • Experience and begin to master 3 key strategies for communicating with impact and becoming highly influential.

  • Become familiar with a 3-step formula for overcoming fear, procrastination and develop the habit of taking inspired, courageous action.

This and other success strategies and proven techniques to become highly influential and a champion of change, and in doing so break through to your potential.


Implementing the Ultimate Personal empowerment System along with my coaching methodology will challenge your comfort zones and enable you to step up to learn new skills and bring about lasting change.

You will:
  • Become more visionary and intentional in your career or business – and embrace your purpose.

  • Discover, accept and leverage your strengths to build on your career and business success.

  • Recognise and be able to manage your attitude and perceptions towards yourself and your capacity to achieve.

  • Develop courage to become more authentic in who you are and in doing so Inspire others by you and what you do.

  • Ignite your passion and become a greater inspiration to others through what you do not just what you say.

“Inspiration ignites the
inner desire to change
something in ourselves,
in others or in our

Tamsin Napier-Munn

How the Programme works

  • Once a week for 12 weeks join up to 12 other participants on a Live-online 2-hour session.

  • Prior to the programme you will have a coaching call with me to explore your aspirations, expectations and drivers for taking part. We will agree together what success looks like and desired outcomes.

  • During the course of the 12 weeks, you will have access to me to check-up on progress and ask for help on a specific problem or challenge.

  • The dynamics of the group naturally encourage additional support, inspiration and feedback.

  • Coaching feedback is always given in a way that focuses on your strengths and potential strengths.

  • Each session involves high levels of participation and coaching.

  • Each session provides an opportunity for you to Stand & Deliver (SaD), to tell a part of your story or to report back on an action you have taken during the programme.

  • Within the group you will receive personal, in-the-moment coaching and feedback specifically focused on increasing confidence, expanding your comfort zones and raising your competency in a skill – all in line with your original commitment and aspirations.

If you are a woman in business who seriously wants to raise your profile, get seen, get heard and have impact...

...talk to me.

Start: 16th October – 1st Cohort
Places: Maximum 12 places per cohort (limited places remaining)

Standard fee: £2,995.00 inclusive VAT *

Secure your place now for exclusive offer of £1895 inclusive VAT

Limited places remaining at this special rate
Offer ends 13th October

*RAWtalks academy supports SMART WORKS Reading. 5% of all revenue goes towards helping disadvantaged women get back in to work.

Act now to take advantage of a our exclusive special offer and secure your place as part of a cohort of 12 other aspirational women.

Book a call with me.

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What if…

You are braver than you realise, smarter than you think and stronger than know?


Being that person you know you are capable of being, doing the things that you love to do and achieving the success that you owe yourself.

And if you do…

You will be a true role model and inspire other women around you.

The Power of You Programme.
A catalyst for change.

“Power of you’ course with Tamsin Napier-Munn came to a close today and what a last session it was. I got so much from the course, the stand out thing I reflected on was courage and that there is no time or room in life for excuses.


Thank you Tamsin Napier-Munn, you really are an inspiration.”

Manager, Microsoft

RAWtalks (Real Authentic Women) academy was established in 2019 by Tamsin Napier-Munn to empower women to get seen, get heard, get ahead. Our programmes challenge, develop and inspire aspirational women in business, leaders in organisations, entrepreneurs, and career returners, to find their passion and purpose.


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