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Pioneering programmes & masterclasses for women of influence to get seen, get heard, get ahead.

“I cannot recommend RAWtalks enough for women who are ready to close the confidence gap!”

Aduke Onofowakan, Sister Sister Network

I founded RAWtalks academy for women of influence to find the courage and confidence to be liberated from self-imposed limitations and empower themselves to become who they want to be.

For you as an aspirational woman to find your inner voice… to pursue your purpose with passion, and doing so inspire others to do the same.

I do this by challenging you to step up, to speak up, to communicate with impact, to trust your instincts, and to take courageous action.

Tamsin Napier-Munn


The Power of You
Inspire. Influence. Impact change.

Self-mastery and a catalyst for change

The Women in Business (WiB) Leadership programme
In partnership with Dale Carnegie Training

A masterclass for high-potential female leaders

Corporate Impact Programmes

Programmes to empower the women your organisation
Some of these programmes are routinely run for both men
and women in organisations

Inspiring Workshops, Webinars and Talks

Uplifting, inspiring, engaging and compelling webinars, talks and workshops for women of influence

In this virtual world, as an aspirational and inspiring woman of influence is your profile and your personal brand getting noticed?

Are you being recognised for your talents, ideas and potential?

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RAWtalks academy programmes challenge, develop and inspire aspirational women in business, leaders in organisations, entrepreneurs, and career returners, to find their passion and purpose.

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