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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

What is inspiration? – it’s an emotion. It is something that reaches down into the very core of us and ‘moves’ us emotionally to do things we wouldn’t otherwise do. Music can do this, people can do this, places and things can do this.

Inspiration causes us to act on an instinct that is connected to our purpose, a goal or a vision of how we want to live our lives.

Bear Grylls climbed mount Everest, inspired by a poster on his wall.

Rebecca Adlington, twice gold medallist at the 2008 Olympics sited Sir Clive Woodward as her major inspiration behind her victory. She said, “After hearing him speak, you felt like you could do anything”.

It could be a sporting event, a business achievement, someone close to you, someone who you work with, or perhaps one of those amazing women who found enormous courage to pursue a worthwhile cause. Malala Yousafzai or Emelina Pankhurst, or it could simply be about launching an idea you have that excites you. Whatever it is,

“Inspiration ignites the inner desire to change something in ourselves, in others or in our circumstances”. Tamsin Napier-Munn

It can, and usually does require something in us to step outside our comfort zone, to stretch or challenge ourselves to prove to ourselves we have what it takes. This something I believe is courage.

Have you been inspired during this crazy time by acts of courage, kindness or creative endeavors? 

Millions of us around the world witnessed a most profound and humble example of inspiration in the form of Sir Captain Tom Moore. Inspired by the courage and commitment of frontline nurses and Doctors, ‘moved’ him to do something so simple, yet for a man about to turn 100, no doubt challenging. In doing so inspired millions of us to make donations, raising over £32m in the process – what did he do? Walked the length of his garden…

At 100 years old, as a result of this simple, yet courageous act, this humble man, not only raised a record sum of money, his name is recognised around world, he has become Sir Tom Moore, had a Spitfire flyby on his 100th birthday and has set up the Tom Moore Foundation, all in the space of a few weeks – what a way to live your 100th year!

That’s what I call the ‘ripple’ effect. From such a small idea, we may never know the extent of the impact he has had and will continue to have. This is inspiring in itself.

How have your colleagues, your team been over the last few months? Are they inspired?

With so much uncertainty and anxiety in our lives right now, we all need inspiration, without it the challenges ahead will be greater, economically, mentally and no doubt physically. As a leader, manager, entrepreneur, you need to be ‘on fire’, and be able to ‘light a fire’ under those you need to influence, it needs to show. 

How can you be inspirational to those around you? Well, you first need to be inspired, so perhaps the first question to answer is, what or who inspires you? How about being your own inspiration?

Join me for an enlightening and inspiring live webinar where I will share a

5-step process for reigniting the power in you, discovering, or rediscovering what you have going for you, your purpose and how to find the courage to pursue it and prove to yourself that you are more capable than you think you are.

Tamsin Napier-Munn

CEO, RAWtalks academy

Mob: +44(0)781 0202491

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