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Starting JANUARY 2022


Combined In-person & live-online


Are you feeling stuck? Are you waiting for someone to ask you to dance? Are you ready to discover what you are truly capable of? A transformative 6 months of masterclasses and coaching to becoming an inspirational woman of influence who has real impact.


Time & Location

Starting JANUARY 2022

Combined In-person & live-online

About the Event

‘The Power of You’

My NEW, revised flagship six month programme – next intake 28th January 2022.

Cohort open now, a maximum of 16 places available


Born out of my own personal journey of finding my voice to speak my truth and find the confidence and courage to change.

“Sometimes we forget who we are and therefore stop believing in how much we can positively impact our own lives and those of others. This course reminds you, and raises you to be who you dream of being.” Arabela Silva


‘The Power of You’ is a transformational experience for aspirational womenn who want to break free of self-limiting beliefs, become more influential, unlock more of their potential and accelerate their business or career.

An inspirational programme that helps to develop a bias towards action, turning ideas and visions into reality.

You will be introduced to proven, powerful strategies and techniques from my ULTIMATE PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT SYSTEM to, discover what you have going for you, how to influence others, and change anything, including your own mind.

Who will benefit from this new, enhanced ‘POWER of YOU’ programme?

Aspirational women in business who want to get seen, get heard, speak with greater gravitas and elevate their position.

· Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs seeking to amplify their message

· Managers, leaders and executives looking to elevate their position, who aspire to more senior management positions

· Career returners looking to develop their confidence and feel more empowered in the workplace

· Career starters seeking to elevate their position and accelerate their career

Perhaps now is the time to stop waiting for all the lights to turn green and take the handbrake of your life?

· Become your own inspiration; discover how to turn self-doubt and uncertainty into real confidence, become truly empowered and take charge of your life, find a way to live your purpose.

· Find your voice and speak your truth; learn the art of storytelling and how to inspire and influence others by getting buy in to your greatest asset, YOU.

· Be your own catalyst for change. Stop waiting for the right time or to be asked, take charge of your life, your uture and finally make things happen.

A six month journey of self discovery during which you will:

· learn how to elevate your position and profile

· develop authentic pride and self confidence

· discover how to amplify your voice, get heard and become more influential

· create momentum and accelerate your progress to achieve greater success in your career or business.

· you will inspire and be inspired

· you will connect with an ongoing community of other amazing women

· you will meet experts and role models who will share their success strategies and their failures to enable you to achieve more.

· Above all you will have fun

This is an experience of self-mastery

This programme includes:

· An initial ‘discovery’ coaching call and a further 2 one-to-one coaching sessions with Tamsin

· 3 face-to-face celebratory and accelerator events at a central location

· 9 two and a half hour Live-Online masterclasses during which you will be coached to develop the confidence and skills you need to tell your story

· Permanent access to the cohort recordings, slides and pre-recorded, online learning sessions

· A workbook that will take you step by step through the programme and beyond

· Guest appearances from other subject experts and role models who will share their insights, successes - and failures as well as their own unique strategies for success

· Future opportunities to be invited to grace the RAWtalks stage as a guest speaker

· Exclusive discounts on future membership, workshops and programmes

Your investment: £3,995 (inc VAT)  contact me at to find out if you are eligible for a special offer

Secure your place now - book a time to check in with me to find out if this is right for you?   Lets ensure this is what you need, expect and are willing to commit to.


“Quite honestly, this programme has been one of the best things I have ever done.

Yes we have been through a pandemic, but I’m making more money than I have done in a long time.

JUST DO IT” Geeta Negroni, February 2021

“Through Tamsin’s coaching I now have a framework that allows me to shutdown the little doubting voices in my head, and spring into action. Thank you Tamsin!”

“This programme has been a journey, what it has done is pushed me into action, I’m actually doing rather than dithering. Its been a real step change for me“ Sandra Guzman

“bringing together the skills of communication, what I bring and how I build on relationships, this has facilitated me bring greater impact to my work and relationships, in an authentic way. I still do get goosebumps when bringing up a radical idea, but I speak my truth and feel so much more liberated, which generates more confidence. I am less willing to turn down speaking engagement which has bolstered my visibility”, Emma Orefuwa

“I decided to join the POY programme as I felt that I was at a low ebb in my career and in life. By going through the programme, I have gained in confidence, communicate with more impact, I am now crystal clear on my purpose and what I bring to the table in all aspects of my work and in personal relationships. I fully recommend joining this programme if you want to take your career and personal goals to the next level. You will be challenged as you step out of your comfort zone, but you won’t regret it!” Emma Orefuwa

“I decided to be brave, to ‘pivot’, but I don’t think I would have had the courage of my convictions and ability to move into action if I hadn’t been part of this programme” Deidre Jones

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