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Meet Tamsin

“I live with purpose and have found the
courage to change. My mission is to inspire
other women to do the same.”

Tamsin Napier-Munn, Founder RAWtalks academy

When I found the courage to develop the confidence in myself to step up and speak up with passion and purpose, I realised I could inspire others to find their inner voice, inner courage, and perhaps to change the story about themselves and what’s possible for them.

I created RAWtalks academy with the sole purpose of enabling women, Real Authentic Women, with techniques, tools, strategies and the power of a ‘push’ to liberate themselves from self-imposed limitations.


This is true personal-empowerment.

My story

35 years in sales. A really unpredictable and totally unplanned career in fashion, IT consulting, publishing and training and area director for Dale Carnegie. Holding positions as sales manager, facilitator and coach, business owner, Key-note speaker, manager and host of The Women in Business Awards and Campaign for the Business Magazine.

As many single mum’s know, it has its absolute joys, but can also offer huge personal growth opportunities!

Knowing like many of you the highs and lows, the mental lows – having been riddled with anxiety, but with divorce coliding with the ‘mones’, I fell apart and had what is commonly known as a breakdown.


The RAWtalks academy teaches the most powerful strategies, techniques and skills I have learned on my journey of struggle and success – and am still learning - for developing courage and self-confidence to bring about change. They combine the skills of influence I have learnt to get ahead with people and to be successful in sales with what I have discovered as the DNA of many successful women in business I have interviewed and have had the privilege of getting to know.

What I’ve found, and no doubt you will find is that you are stronger and more capable than you think you are.

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“I don’t believe anyone can really empower you, you are the only one who can decide to take charge of your career and your life and it comes when you convert intentions into actions”.

Tamsin Napier-Munn

“Power of you’ course with Tamsin Napier-Munn came to a close today and what a last session it was. I got so much from the course, the stand out thing I reflected on was courage and that there is no time or room in life for excuses.


Thank you Tamsin Napier-Munn, you really are an inspiration.”

Manager, Microsoft

Book Tamsin to speak

Are the amazing women in your organisation getting seen, getting heard?

Do they have the confidence, courage and gravitas to speak up in those crucial conversations?

Are they contributing their talent and communicating to influence and inspire others with ideas that could make the difference?

Contact me so I can work with you to inspire and share techniques, strategies and tools to empower the female talent in your organisation.

RAWtalks (Real Authentic Women) academy was established in 2019 by Tamsin Napier-Munn to empower women to get seen, get heard, get ahead. Our programmes challenge, develop and inspire aspirational women in business, leaders in organisations, entrepreneurs, and career returners, to find their passion and purpose.


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